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Strategy of constant improvement

CJSC IMC (INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURING COMPANY) “Rosneftekhim” is a rapidly developing company with a main focus on the design and manufacture of chemical agents used at the enterprises in mining and processing industries.

Beyond competition

Since 2002 one of the key areas of IMC "Rosneftekhim" company activities has been manufacturing of antifreeze agents and lubricants for covering metal surfaces of transport equipment to protect it against freezing and adhesion of wet granular materials. The company offers such brands as PHX-1010, PHX-1020 and “Niogrin-C”.

For more than a decade now IMC “Rosneftekhim” cooperates with “Dalnevostochnaya generating company”. They began their collaboration in 2002, when “Rosneftekhim” just entered the market of antifreeze agents and lubricants with its new product, manufactured by the specialists of the enterprise. The branch of “Dalnevostochnaya generating company”, “Luchegorsky open-pit coal mine” became the first consumer of antifreeze agents and it stressed the efficiency of “Rosneftekhim” products, which are now shipped to many regions of Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For 11 years IMC “Rosneftekhim” has been the only supplier of antifreeze agents for “Dalnevostochnaya generating company”, in spite of the fact that several analogs of this product has been offered to and tried by power engineering specialists during this period. This points to the stable quality and high efficiency of the antifreeze agents manufactured by Ufa’s specialists.

Unique and economic

Since there are two basic principles in the strategy of the company– development and innovations – specialists of “Rosneftekhim” always go the extra mile, improving the composition and expanding the range of manufactured products. Every customer is treated individually, each one is offered agents, qualities of which meet his requirements.

Antifreeze agents and lubricants, manufactured by “Rosneftekhim”, thanks to the set of their characteristics provide the complete excavation of wet granular materials in all weathers. The production is used sparingly, improving the handling effectiveness and protecting metal surfaces of equipment from corrosion. All manufactured products are unique and their composition is protected by patents of the Russian Federation. All the products refer to the 4 toxicity hazard category (low hazard substances) and are absolutely safe for the environment and health of the staff while meeting the requirements of occupational safety.

In addition to antifreeze agents and lubricants IMC “Rosneftekhim” produces agents for coal flotation and dust control and the composition for the prevention and suppression of endogenous fires. Specialists of the company conduct continuous research aimed at developing new products and improving the quality of production.

CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” is always open to cooperation. The company values every customer, defers to his opinion and tries to solve the problems of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Following the strategy of the constant development and improvement we offer to our partners a responsible, professional and mutually beneficial collaboration, and that is our main principle.