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Effective antifreeze agents and lubricants

Freezing and adhesion of a considerable part of mined rock to the metal surfaces of mining and transport equipment, as well as freezing of the bulked cargo in mass, which hampers the unloading and leads to decrease in productivity of quarry transport equipment occurs while transportation of wet minerals and overburden by railway.

Since 2004 one of the key areas of IMC "Rosneftekhim" company activities has been manufacturing of antifreeze agents and lubricants. The company offers such brands as PHX-1010, PHX-1020 and “Niogrin-C”.

The antifreeze agent “Niogrin-C” has been manufactured since 2004 and is characterized by minus 50 °С freezing point, with solid and stable adhesive and lubricating properties and provides the complete excavation of wet granular materials in all weathers.

In 2010 specialists of CJSC IMC "Rosneftekhim" have developed a new antifreeze agent PHX-1010 with enhanced consumer properties. The freezing point of PHX-1010 is from minus 55°С and lower, the cause of which is low content of paraffin and naphthenes, as well as the introduction of pour-point depressant to the composition. High content of surface-active and resinous substances, that have high adsorption activity to the surface of the metal, provides stable lubricating properties, which increases the number of cycles after a single treatment of mining equipment.

Antifreeze agent PHX-1010 was awarded the diploma of the republican contest “Best products of Bashkortostan 2012” and “Best products of Russia 2013”.

The new product of CJSC IMC "Rosneftekhim" is the antifreeze agent РНХ-1020. It doesn’t have an odor nuisance, it’s not inflammable and absolutely safe for human health. In accord with the consumer CJSC IMC "Rosneftekhim" can produce PHX-1020 with the freezing point down to minus 60 °С. Organic compounds that form PHX-1020 don’t have corrosion activity and are able to protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

Currently PHX-1020 is successfully applied at the number of coal enterprises of Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan, it has proven to be a highly effective means against freezing and adhesion of wet granular materials.

Antifreeze agents and lubricants, thanks to the set of their characteristics are universal means that work effectively in any climatic zone of Russia. Products of CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” reduce the consumption of an antifreeze agent, increase the effectiveness of handling and protects the metal surface of equipment from corrosion for a long time.

Antifreeze agents are unique and their composition is protected by patents of the Russian Federation.

All antifreeze agents, manufactured by CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” refer to the 4 toxicity hazard category (low hazard substances) according to Federal Standard 12.1.007 and are absolutely safe for the environment and health of the staff while meeting the requirements of occupational safety.

CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” specializes in the design and manufacture of chemical agents used in mining and processing industries. Company "Rosneftekhim" stands out for the stability of the high quality products, the possibility of changing the characteristics of the agents according to customer requirements, for clear and timely execution of contractual obligations, long-term relations with customers and suppliers.