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"Rosneftekhim" – innovations for the mining industry

CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” is a rapidly developing company with a main focus on the design and manufacture of chemical agents used in mining and processing industries. It has entered the Russian market in 2004 and it actively establishes and develops ties with the enterprises of Russian and CIS countries ever since.

Antifreeze agents Niogrin-C, PHX-1010 and PHX-120, designed to cover metal surfaces of mining and transport equipment in order to protect it against freezing and adhesion of wet granular materials, have following characteristics:

- lower freezing point down to minus 50 °С;

- reliability and stability of adhesive and lubricating properties, that increases the number of loading and unloading cycles after a single treatment of mining equipment;

- hydrocarbon compounds form on the metal surface protective boundary lubricant coatings, that protect the mining and transport equipment from corrosion;

- thanks to the set of characteristics PHX-1010 and PHX-1020 are universal means that work effectively in any climatic zone of Russia and reduce the consumption of antifreeze agents and lubricants.

CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” consumers are mining enterprises of Siberia, Far East, the Republic of Kazakhstan and other regions. Antifreeze agent PHX-1010 was awarded the diploma of the contest “Best products of Bashkortostan 2012” and “Best products of Russia 2013”.

Dust control agent РНХ-1021 is used for prevention of dust generation on mining dumping sites, tailing dumps and roads in iron-ore, coal, construction and power industries. It prevents dust generation in extraction and enrichment of rocks effectively, economically and environmentally safe.

PHX-1021 is characterized by the high rate of wetting, low volatility, low freezing point. It covers the treated surface with a flexible, durable coating resistant to heavy transport equipment, exposure to atmospheric precipitation, effectively binding the dust for the period of 20-30 days by a single treatment.

Flotation РНХ-3010 is used as a collecting agent in coal flotation.

РНХ-3010 has a high adsorption activity to coal, thereby it is characterized by the high absorption rate and strength of attachment to the coal and carbon surface. The use of flotation reagent provides the selectivity and improves the technological parameters of the process: ash flotation tailings increases by 75-80%, ash content of flotation is reduced by 1-1,2%, concentrate output increases by 2-4% while collecting agent consumption is reduced the by 10-15%.

Frother agent for coal flotation PHX-3011 is characterized by high foaming and hydrophobization properties, thereby it increases extraction of combustible coal mass to concentrate and flotation rate, reduces agent consumption and improves the selectivity of flotation.

Application of PHX-3011 increases extraction of combustible mass to concentrate by 5-9%, while agent consumption is reduced by 7-10% and improves the selectivity of flotation. Selectivity coefficient is increased by 0,15-0,25%.

Urgent, but unresolved problem is endogenous fires. Spontaneous combustion of coal requires a lot of effort while suppression, handling, cooling and isolation of the heated coal mass and leads to pollution of ambient air. Thereby the most perspective and economically feasible way is the prevention or constraint to safe limits of coal spontaneous combustion by antipyrogens.

The composition, designed by CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” for prevention and suppression of endogenous fires PHX-5010 is a water-soluble concentrate that handles coal prone to spontaneous combustion in goaf mines, coal mines, warehouses and dumps.

Antipyrogens cover the coal surface with a mechanical, insulating coating that inhibits air access. PHX-5010 starts to decompose when the treated surface temperature rises, absorbs heat, thus slowing the rise down and emits non-combustible gases-water vapor and ammonia. It reduces the concentration of oxygen in the fire bed and, accordingly, the intensity of heat accumulation.

Laboratory tests, conducted at the premises of CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim”, have confirmed the effectiveness of PHX-5010 antipyrogen. The research works have shown that coal chemical activity to oxygen of the air has reduced by 1,8 times after a five percent solution treatment, while 10 percent solution reduces the oxidizing power by 2,3 times.

A decrease of the coal chemical activity at the mountain massif temperature of 25-40°С by more than 2-fold says for the stable, long-lasting reduction of the coal chemical activity in place, that guarantees reliable and effective prevention of endogenous fires.

Agent РНХ-5010 is efficient for prevention of endogenous fires in both the early and late stages of development of spontaneous combustion, it reduces the reactivity of coal by more than 2-fold and significantly increases the incubation period.

Over the last years the specialists of CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” have created and prepared for sale more than 10 complex products, the majority of which is protected by patents. We have successfully used the experience of previous years, which allows to change characteristics of the agents and solve the matters of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Company "Rosneftekhim" offers a comprehensive solution for the supply of coal mining enterprises with the required reagents. Alongside with modern perspectives of project management and the latest manufacturing techniques, CJSC IMC “Rosneftekhim” offers a comprehensive solution for the supply of coal mining enterprises with the required reagents. We are open to long-term relations with customers, suppliers, research centers and research institutes.