Strategy of the company

Development and innovations

In the strategy of our company there are two basic principles that ensure the stable growth – development and innovations. Since 2004 our company specializes on the manufacture of antifreeze agents and lubricants shipped in many regions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan. “Rosneftekhim” is also a developer and manufacturer of other agents for the mining and concentrating industries.

Constant development helps us to implement the long-term plans, allowing our company to grow and prosper. Innovations are the strong points of our company and they allow us to expand the range of products and the number of partners, as well as to establish new standards of our products quality annually.

Characteristic features of the products
More than a half of the products do not have analogues in Russia.
All the products refer to the 4 toxicity hazard category (low hazard substances)
There is a possibility of changing the characteristics of the agents according to the customer’s requirements

In order to achieve the strategic goals of our company we apply the following principles:

  • stability of the manufactured products quality;
  • constant work on the diversification of products and their quality improvement;
  • development of the material and technical resources, elaboration and adoption of the new technologies and automation of the manufacturing processes;
  • manufacturing of products with the given physical and chemical properties according to the needs of the industrial enterprises;
  • long-term and trust-based cooperation with the consumers and suppliers of the raw materials;
  • eco-friendly manufacturing process and products;
  • The success of the company is created by people who work there, that’s why we aim at team. In our employees we value the desire and ability to do one’s best to improve the quality of the work performed and responsibility for its results.

Following the strategy of the constant development and improvement we offer to our partners a responsible, professional and mutually beneficial collaboration, and that is our main principle. Our products always undergo a series of experimental and industrial tests and only after that they come to the market.