Career at the company

Our staff is our main asset

CJSC IMC "Rosneftekhim” offers wide opportunities for realization of the full potential and career growth of its employees. Our team is a team of professionals that achieves the strategic goal of the company - constant development and improvement.

Willingness and ability of our staff to work effectively, to develop and learn something new is the formula of the long-standing success of our company. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the professional development of our staff.

We are proud that we have created a solid and highly effective team. All the hardships, that we have overcomed together and the goals that we have achieved united us into a team of like-minded professionals.

Acknowledgement of personal merits, the desire to ensure a decent standard of living for our employees and members of their families, attention to their problems form the main principles of our social policy.

We welcome to our ranks new specialists, whose energy and professional knowledge will contribute to achievement of our ambitious goals.