Oil antiseptic for wood impregnation РНХ
Technical specification 0258-002-73761066-2006


Oil antiseptic for wood impregnation PHX serves to impregnate wooden sleepers, transferable and bridge beams.

Oil antiseptic for wood impregnation PHX is an effective agent to protect against fungi, fueled by wood.

Technical specifications

Characteristics Standart Test Methods
Colour Light brown to black Visual
Kinematic viscosity at 80 °C, mm2/c, max 5 Federal Standard 33
Freezing point °C, max -5 Federal Standard 20287
Flash point in a closed cup, °C, lowest + 95 Federal Standard 4333
Water content,% wt. max 0,5 Federal Standard 2477
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 1,001-1,13 Federal Standard 3900


Oil antiseptic for wood impregnation PHX is to be stored in the warehouses of the consignor and consignee in a tightly closed container in covered ventilated storage areas, under a canopy or in a storage area in compliance with the rules to store combustible materials.

Guaranteed storage life 1 year
Toxic hazard category IV


By rail tanker cars, by road in tank trucks, can be packed in metal barrels.