Agent preventive of endogenous fires РНХ-5010
Specification 2433-009-73761066-2012


Agent preventive of endogenous fires PHX-5010 handles coal prone to spontaneous combustion in goaf mines, coal mines, warehouses and dumps.

Agent PHX-5010 is efficient to prevent endogenous fires in both the early and late stages of development of spontaneous combustion, it reduces the reactivity of coal by more than 2-fold and significantly increases the incubation period.

Technical specifications

Characteristics Standart Test Methods
Appearance Liquid brown to dark brown color, no mechanical impurities Visual
The content of inorganic salts,% wt. Min 40 5.5. of Technical Specification
Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, mm2/c, max 25 Federal Standard 33
Freezing point °C, max - 15 Federal Standard 20287 method «B»
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 1,15-1,30 Federal Standard 3900
Hydrogen ion concentration, units pH, min 5,5 - 9,0 5.4. of Technical Specification
Copper plate test Passed Federal Standard 6321


Agent preventive of endogenous fires PHX-5010 is to be stored in the warehouses of the consignor and consignee in a tightly closed container in covered ventilated storage areas, under a canopy or in a storage area in compliance with the rules to store combustible materials.

Guaranteed storage life 1 year
Toxic hazard category IV


By rail tanker cars, by road in tank trucks, can be packed in metal barrels.