Flotation agent РНХ-3010
Specification 2452-003-73761066-2009


Flotation PHX-3010 is used as a collector reagent in coal flotation.

PHX-3010 has a high adsorption activity to coal, thereby it is characterized by a high absorption rate and strength of attachment to the coal and carbon surface. The use of flotation reagent PHX-3010 reduces the collector reagent consumption by 10-15%, provides the selectivity and improves the technological parameters of the process: ash flotation tailings significantly increase, ash content of flotation is reduced, concentrate output increases.

Technical specifications

Characteristics Standart Test Methods
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 0,8 - 0,98 Federal Standard 3900-85
Flash point in a closed cup, °C, lowest 61 Federal Standard 6356-75
Freezing point °C, max - 40 Federal Standard 20287-91
Water content,% wt. max 1,0 Federal Standard 2477-65
Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, mm2/c, max 25 Federal Standard 33
Fractional composition: 96% distils at temperatures in °C, max 360 Federal Standard 2177-99
Colour Light brown to dark brown Visual


Flotation agent PHX-3010 is to be stored in the warehouses of the consignor and consignee in a tightly closed container in covered ventilated storage areas, under a canopy or in a storage area in compliance with the rules to store combustible materials.

Guaranteed storage life 1 year
Toxic hazard category IV


By rail tanker cars, by road in tank trucks, can be packed in metal barrels.