Modern technologies
for the mining industry
Our advantages
  • Continuous research
  • All products are the result of the scientific research carried out by the company itself
  • The composition of the products is protected by 7 patents of the Russian Federation
  • Close counteraction of the scientific research with the product manufacturing and application
  • Allows to carry out handling of the cargo at ambient temperatures down to minus 50 º C
  • It has stable lubricating properties, which increases the number of cycles after a single treatment of the mining equipment
  • It is able to protect mining equipment from corrosion.
Ugol Rossii and Mining

It is an international specialized exhibition of mining technologies, which is № 1 exhibition in the world in technologies of the underground coal mining.

  • 725 exhibitors from 25 countries of the world and 21000 visitors have participated in the exhibition in 2013
  • ВIn June 2014 the exhibition will traditionally take place in Novokuznetsk.